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        Automatic Horse Feeder

Your horse is from origin a wild animal. Thousands of years horses searched for food that was hard to find in droves of horses. There for they had to walk many slow kilometers. These horses developed good legs and an always working gut function. If all of a sudden There was a dangerous situation, horses had to take off quickly from out of their resting position. This is natural interval training. This hard good developed horse came by natural selction. Now a days you can hardly find anything back from this good developed horse in the horses life. Most of the horses are in their stable for 23 hours a day. They only get out their stables when they get ridden or to be released in a paddock. Most of the horses get food two untill three times a day.
The negative concequenses of this are:
  • The horse eats too much in a too short time
  • There is commotion in the stable
  • The horses can not be trained directly afther they ate their feed.
  • Horses that eat slowly are more affected by insects than the other horses
  • Horses that eat quickly, don`t chew their feed very well and try to eat everything as quickly as possible, which is not good for the horse`s digestion.
  • Because big portions of food get consumed in a short time, a part of the food disappears direct in the horse`s manure. This happens because the horse`s stomach is not able to store much food.
  • The food is mostly not given at a regular time.
Positive concequences of the smartfeeder:
  • Untill 12 times a day feeding your horse.
  • Giving exact portions of feed to your horse.
  • Adjustable for every individual horse.
  • Horses can be trained at every moment of the day, because the food portions are small.
  • Exact times and quantity of food every day
  • At exact the same second horses get their food, which avoids commotion in the stable.
  • There will be less insects because the horses now eat all of their food at once.

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